Nivida Cave Tour

We start at Old Bank


An adventure to see Bastimentos most fascinating natural wonders and unique eco-system. Nivida is a massive cavern within Bastimenots National Park.

Travel to Nivida River


We travel for about 30 minutes by boat to Nivida River. Traveling through mangrove islets. Perhaps seeing a dolphin or two along the way.

Nivida River


We continue gliding though mangroves and lush vegetation where we be able to see three toe sloths, birds,  white face and spider monkeys.

Arrival & Walk to Cave


We come dock side, handout head lamps, and  take a 30 min. walk to the cave entrance. Along the way will have an opportunity to see wildlife including the infamous red frog.

Into Nivida Cave


We will be exploring the two branches of the cave coming to an hidden pool with a water fall. The cave has large stalactites, stalagmites and various species of bats.

Exiting The Cave Adventure


We will be retracing our way back to Old Bank. Plan at least 4 hours. Wear enclosed shoes/boots. No flip flops the limestone is sharp. There is a restaurant on site where one can refresh themselves.


The tour from Old Bank, Bastimentos costs US$30 (minimum of two) and includes the US$5 entrance fee. Remember to wear shoes/boots (no flip flops), headlamp will be provided.


Nivida Cave Tour


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An adventure tour to see wildlife and a fascinating eco-system that is the massive cavern of Nivida.