Dive Sites

 The Following are a 2 tank dive for $65

Airport:This dive spot provides excellent  conditions for a relaxed underwater experience. Being protected from  wind and waves and current, is a very calm dive, with lots of coral  heads. On this interesting site you will find coral variation and  fascinating  underwater dwellers. Maximum depth 14mts/50ft

Wreck:  A ferry barge which was intentionally sunk there 11 years ago. It has became part of the natural environment and  is shelter for countless big and small fish and other reef inhabitants.  To both sides of the wreck stretches a lively coral reef where you can  easily spot more interesting underwater species. Maximum depth: 14 meter/ 50 ft

Mangrove Point: At Mangrove Point you will find a lovely shallow reef, which is suitable for both, beginners as well as experienced divers. Maximum depth 18mts/60ft.

Playground: Located right in the middle of the  islands Colon, Solarte and Carenero, this dive site is a very diverse  spot. Enjoy the contrast of white sand with red sea stars and dense hard  coral reef. Maximum depth 14mts/50ft

Hospital Point: This is a very historic site. Home to  the first hospital in Bocas to isolate yellow fever, malaria, and other  fatal diseases. This is a mini wall with lots of diverse fish.  A favorite  for snorkelers as well.

Sea Mist: This is a 18 mts/59ft long sunken  trimaran hull and  open cabin allow for a great swim through, and a favorite for photos.  Sitting at 17mts/55ft deep, divers of all levels can make this dive!  Sharks have been known to sleep under the wreck as well.

White House: Located  in front of the island Solarte, White House is one of the deepest spots  in the area. Therefore, this site offers two dive options: It is the  perfect place to go deep diving. It also provides a shallower area with a very  interesting underwater topography, lots of coral and many schools of  fish.

Blue Coconut: Located on the south end of Solarte,  this shallow reef is vibrant with colors, corals, sponges, and beautiful  fish. Common to see southern and rough tail stingrays and the  occasional barracudas!

Marker 19: Located on the north point of San Cristobal,  this site is less traveled, which ensures great reef with lots of  critters!! Very common to see lots of lion fish, as well as lobsters. As  tempting as it is, we always leave the lobsters alone to enjoy their  home

The following are a 2 tank dive for $90

Sachen: At this unique spot you will go on a  shallow dive, which is diverse enough to suit both beginners and very  experienced divers. Enjoy coral species not found anywhere else. You  dive in the middle of two walls following the coral line that has lots of sand patches. if you are lucky you can find nurse sharks taking a  siesta.  Due to the depth and swell it´s only safe to go when  there are no waves. Maximum depth 12mts/39ft.

Dolphin Rock: This site is an offshore rock  formation with depth ranging from 0-20mts/ 70 ft. The marine life varies  from the usual reef suspects to more rare pelagic species.  This spot is only accessible when weather and  swell conditions allow.

Polo Beach Caves: These dives are great caverns, swim throughs, and canyons.  Only possible about four months out of the year.  The caves are only accessible in very calm water conditions. Maximum Depth 14mts/40f

Bird Island:  At the other side of the island, about an hour away from  Bocas town, this is a place to visit on the calmest days when the sea is  completely flat. Bird Island hosts fascinating, intricate rock  formations and walls from 12-22m (39-72ft). Morays, lobsters and other  crustaceans roam the area . Variable currents here can push you through  caves and challenge your senses, but this can be fun for a skilled  diver.